Benefits of Window Replacement

Window Replacement Burnsville MNIf you’re looking into replacing old windows, it’s worth weighing your options to be sure that you’re making the best decision for your home and for your budget. When deciding whether to replace windows, you should consider the benefits of window replacements so that you know exactly what you’ll get out of replacing your windows – other than new windows, of course! At Tollefson Bros Exteriors, Inc., we provide Lakeville, MN window replacement services, so we understand homeowners’ concerns when they’re looking into buying replacement windows. It can be quite an investment, especially if you’re looking to replace all of the windows in your home, and we want to be sure that when you make the decision to replace old windows, you have all of the facts. Read Full Post

Window Replacement Contractor Shakopee MN

Shakopee Replacement Window ContactorDo you need window replacement? Our Shakopee Window Replacement Contractors suggest you assess if the breezy autumn nights are creeping into your home? How? You can tell how well your windows are doing their job by just standing by them in this brisk fall weather. If you feel cold air coming from your window when you are next to it… Read Full Post

Replacement Windows Bloomington MN

Replacement Windows in Bloomington MNIt is about that time where the weather begins to cool down. You remember, the part of the year where you are noticing more and more windows are beginning to lose their insulation and will need the old “clear plastic wrap window tricks”. Well, aside from the appearance factor, the wrapping of the window method is not a good idea. What happens is, with the window between the wrap there is a severe temperature difference. Read Full Post

Window Replacement Burnsville

Window Replacement Burnsville MNAre you tired of your old and insufficient windows? Are you in need of multiple window replacements throughout your home? If you live in Burnsville, MN and you are ready to upgrade your windows, Tollefson Bros Exteriors, Inc., has you taken care of. Bring your home to life again with our beautiful Richlin Vinyl replacement windows. Read Full Post

Home Improvement Contractor Bloomington MN

Exterior Upgrades BloomingtonWas tackling home improvement projects your new year’s resolution for 2016? Well, the halfway mark of 2016 is just around the corner, and have you started any of those projects? If you simply don’t have enough time in your day to focus on the home improvement projects that you had hoped for, consider teaming up with Tollefson Bros. Exteriors, Inc.” Read Full Post

Window Replacement Services Minneapolis MN

Window Replacement Services MinneapolisWindows can truly make or break a home. A home with the most beautiful structure and proper amount of insulation will not hold the same value if that home doesn’t have the proper windows. New windows add beauty to any style home. Likewise, new windows add some serious cash flow and energy efficiency to homes that need window replacement. Read Full Post

Burnsville Window Replacement Services

Window InstallationThe fall weather in Burnsville, MN has arrived! With pumpkin spiced lattes and beautiful autumn leaves, this time of year is a favorite for many. Before we know it, however, the brisk Minnesota winter weather will be back. The fall season is a great time to consider home improvement projects before the winter. One specific enhancement to consider this time of year is window installation and replacement. Read Full Post

Ways to Save Energy and Money before Winter hits Bloomington

Fall Home Improvement MNWe have all thought it these past few days ‘Should I breakdown and turn on my heat tonight?” and surely many homes already have as the brisk fall in Bloomington, MN is reminding us of the winter soon to come. Sure, we still have this beautiful fall season, but we all know that, when comparing to the hot summer we were use to, even the fall can get cold to Minnesotans. Just like we make sure that we have our winter wardrobe ready, it is also important that your home is prepared too! Read Full Post

Window Replacement Service Savage MN

Window Replacement Savage MNLooking for quality windows at a reasonable price? At Tollefson Bros. Exteriors, we pride ourselves at being a name you can trust at a price you can afford! We offer experienced window replacement services for all of Savage, MN. If you are ready to replace your old, dingy windows with gorgeous windows… Read Full Post

Storm Damage Repair Edina MN

Storm Damage Repairs Bloomington

Although spring and summer can bring wonderful sunny weather, it can also bring massive storms, hail and floods that can ruin certain areas of your Edina, MN home that are not protected. No matter what part of the United States you live in, bad weather is inevitable and it can happen at the worst time […]

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