Roofing Contractor Specializing in Storm Damage Repair MN

Here in Minnesota, we are not strangers to severe weather. We know all too well the devastating results that may come as a result of a storm, whether it’s devastating high winds, damaging hail storms, lightning, or a raging tornado, we’ve seen it all. During the summer months we’ve been known to get some doozy wind and hail storms, so anything you can do to protect your home and family from Mother Nature’s wrath is a must! Read Full Post

Minnesota Storm Damage Contractor | Hail Damage Repair

Storm Damage Roof Repair MN The exterior of your home protects you, your family, and everything in it from the elements. And in Minnesota the elements can be brutal!  Consider for a moment that in Minnesota the temperature alone can vary as much as 130 degrees during any 6 month period. Add to that the […]

MN Roofing Contractor | Spring Roof Inspection Part 2

Roofing Contractor MN | Roof Inspection The 2013 Minnesota storm season has gotten off to a start. The weather this spring has already produced several severe storms throughout the state. Like we discussed in Part 1, you may want to make sure to do is get a spring roof inspection! Whether or not your home […]

MN Roofing Contractor | Spring Roof Inspection Part 1

Roofing Contractor MN | Roof Inspection As we roll into the warmer months, getting ready for summer is quickly becoming a priority for many Minnesota homeowners. Whether it’s replacing your windows, updating your siding, or making sure that our rain gutters are free of debris, now is the time to get a handle on those […]

Storm Damage Repair MN

MN Storm Damage Roof Repair While spring brings the promise of warm weather and longer days, it also brings a variety of conditions that can include severe storms, hail, heavy wind, and tornadoes that damages thousands of homes across the country each year. Because severe weather is common in Minnesota at this time of year, […]

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