Storm Damage Repair Minneapolis & St Paul MN

Storm Damage Home Repair MNStorms are a part of life and if you own a home in the Twin Cities it will likely see some sort of storm damage in one form or another. Our Storm Damage Restoration Contractors offer the local area help when filing an insurance claim for storm damage repairs. We’re experienced enough contractors to be able to determine the cost of repairs and clean up… Read Full Post

Exterior Remodeling | Roofing, Windows, Siding & Storm Damage

Storm Damage Repairs BloomingtonThe exterior of your home can really take a beating during the winter months in Minnesota. And, as winter finally makes its exit this year, it is a good time to survey any damage left from storms that came through this winter and get your house back in good shape. Tollefson Bros. Exteriors Inc. can help repair or remodel any part of the outside of your home and you will find that our storm damage repairs will stand the test of time… Read Full Post

Exterior Contractors Burnsville MN

Licensed Exterior Contractors Burnsville MNSpring is a great time to make some improvements to the outside of your home, after the extreme weather of winter has calmed. If you live in Burnsville, MN, Tollefson Bros. Exteriors, Inc. can replace windows, repair or replace exterior siding and/or your roof and complete necessary repairs after a storm. Read Full Post

Residential Wind Damage Repair Bloomington MN

Storm Damage Home Repair MNIf you were to speak to a meteorologist in Bloomington, MN, the individual would probably reference how diverse the weather is in this region. We all know how tough the weather can be during the winter, but Minnesota also experiences other types of weather as well. Windstorms for instance, occur in this region, no matter what time of year it is. We all hope that no damage occurs to your residence during these types of storms.
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Roofing Contractor Minneapolis MN

Roofing Contractor MNMany of us are guilty of “out of sight, out of mind” thinking. When it comes to roofs, it’s often out of mind until the leaking starts. That’s when you need to put it in your mind to call a licensed exterior contractor. If you live in Minneapolis, MN, the roofing company to call is Tollefson Bros. Exteriors. We are locally owned and have been in business for over 25 years.Read Full Post

Ice Dam Removal Bloomington MN

Roof Inadequate Insulation

This winter has already proven to be the worst Minnesota has seen in over 30 years– and the worst part–it’s not even over yet! Most people know that shoveling their driveways and winterizing their homes is what needs to be done this time of year. But, what about their roofs? A lot of homeowners tend […]

Roofing Contractor MN | Storm Damage Repair

Bloomington Roofing Contractor MN

Storm Damage Repair MN Here in Minnesota, we are not strangers to severe weather. We know all too well the devastating results that may come as a result of a storm, whether it’s devastating high winds, damaging hail storms, lightning, or a raging tornado, we’ve seen it all. During the summer months we’ve been known […]

Minnesota Storm Damage Contractor | Hail Damage Repair

Storm Damage Roof Repair MN The exterior of your home protects you, your family, and everything in it from the elements. And in Minnesota the elements can be brutal!  Consider for a moment that in Minnesota the temperature alone can vary as much as 130 degrees during any 6 month period. Add to that the […]

MN Roofing Contractor | Spring Roof Inspection Part 2

Edina Roofing Contractor

Roofing Contractor MN | Roof Inspection The 2013 Minnesota storm season has gotten off to a start. The weather this spring has already produced several severe storms throughout the state. Like we discussed in Part 1, you may want to make sure to do is get a spring roof inspection! Whether or not your home […]

Storm Damage Repair MN

Roof Repair & Replacement

MN Storm Damage Roof Repair While spring brings the promise of warm weather and longer days, it also brings a variety of conditions that can include severe storms, hail, heavy wind, and tornadoes that damages thousands of homes across the country each year. Because severe weather is common in Minnesota at this time of year, […]

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