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As the temperatures have dipped, have you started to notice that your home feels cold drafty even when the heat is on? It is possible that the cold air from outside is seeping into your home through your windows. Cracks in and around your windows are one of the most common ways your home loses it’s warm air and lets in cold air in the winter. If you are looking for ways to improve the overall energy efficiency of your home and decrease your power bill, replacing your windows might be your best bet. Tollefson Bros. Exteriors Inc. features Richlin Vinyl Replacement Windows, which are made right here in Minnesota and are perfect for the harsh weather conditions that the area is known for. Read Full Post

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Bloomington Window Replacement ProfessionalsHaving trouble keeping the cool air inside your home during the warm months, and the warm air inside during the winter? Have you examined the windows and doors around your home? Commonly, individual’s energy bills rise because their windows and doors are not sealed tight. Read Full Post

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Tollefson Bros. Exteriors, Inc., is a window and door contractor located in Bloomington Minnesota who serves the entire twin cities metro area.  Experience shows and we have been contracting window repair for over 25 years and have been installing the highest quality windows and doors in the Minneapolis area. Minnesota winters are extremely cold and if your house has windows and/or doors that let the cold air drift in, this can be incredibly inefficient and make your monthly bills skyrocket. The doors in your home are more than simple building materials.  They provide the transition between the world outside and your home.  They welcome your family, your friends and your guests. Our team can help ensure that there are no leaks in your home, improving overall energy efficiency and decreasing your monthly power bills! Read Full Post

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Shakopee Replacement Window ContactorDo you need window replacement? Our Shakopee Window Replacement Contractors suggest you assess if the breezy autumn nights are creeping into your home? How? You can tell how well your windows are doing their job by just standing by them in this brisk fall weather. If you feel cold air coming from your window when you are next to it… Read Full Post

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Window Replacement ContractorOne of the many hallmarks of spring is the warmer temperatures and vibrant sunshine. After a long, harsh Minnesota winter, it feels good to take down the winter plastic on your windows that keeps warmth inside your home, and finally let the natural light radiate in and a breeze. Read Full Post

Strategies for Improving Energy Efficiency In Your Home

Home Improvement Contractors Twin CitiesWe all want to improve the overall energy efficiency of our homes. This makes a positive impact on the environment and can save you money on your monthly energy bills. And, fortunately, there are many things that you can do to make your home more energy efficient. Replacement windows and attic insulation are two excellent and effective ways to dramatically… Read Full Post

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Window Replacement Services MinneapolisWindows can truly make or break a home. A home with the most beautiful structure and proper amount of insulation will not hold the same value if that home doesn’t have the proper windows. New windows add beauty to any style home. Likewise, new windows add some serious cash flow and energy efficiency to homes that need window replacement. Read Full Post

Winter Maintenance and Upgrades for Your Minnesota Home

Increase Energy Efficiency for WinterAnnually, Minnesota is known for having one of the toughest winters in the country. Heavy snowfall, brisk temperatures, freezing rain and even sleet are common weather conditions that occur throughout this season. It is common sense that keeping your body bundled up this time of year is very important… Read Full Post

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Cold weather is fast approaching and you know what comes with cold temperatures?? High heat bills! Before winter sets in deep, you may be thinking about ways to make your home more energy efficient to keep that precious heat inside your home and keep the cold air out. Replacing your windows may be one of the very best ways to increase your home’s overall efficiency. Read Full Post

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Chanhassen Exterior Home Remodeling Are you sick of pulling up into your driveway each day and not being satisfied with the way that the exterior of your home looks. You should be able to come home after a long day at work and have a smile appear on your face the minute you see your home. If you live in Chanhassen, MN, and are ready to make some home improvements that will not only boost your curb appeal…
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