Exterior Repairs South Minneapolis MN

Storm DamageWe all know living in South Minneapolis, MN has its problems at times. Strong winds, cold winters, humid summers – the extreme weather can really do a number on a home…but where else would you live? Kite flying, white Christmases, sunshine summers, gorgeous trees and awesome neighbors – there’s so many advantages to South Minneapolis that if the exterior of your home were in need of repairs, it’s worth the update! Tollefson Bros Exteriors is here to help you keep the exterior of your home in tip-top shape no matter what type of storm damage may have incurred.Read Full Post

Exterior Remodeling Eden Prairie MN

Exterior Remodeling MNEden Prairie, MN has so many beautiful homes in the area – it’s a shame that storm damage and winter climates have the capacity of making a beautiful home look bad! If you are thinking of remodeling the exterior of your home to gain a more elegant, as well as durable, look, it’s time that you call Tollefson Bros. Exteriors. We specialize in homes that have storm damage and are here to help with whatever you need! Whether it’s roofing work, the windows need replacement, or siding needs to be updated, our licensed contractors are here to help you!Read Full Post

Best Exterior Remodeling Company in Minneapolis MN

Exterior Home Remodeling MNKnock, knock! It’s almost that time of the year! Family get-togethers, baby and bridal showers, Thanksgiving, Christmas parties, EVERYONE is coming to visit! Don’t let your house get you into the holiday blues. It’s time to upgrade! At Tollefson Bros. Exteriors, you will not be disappointed!
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Licensed Roofing Contractor Maple Grove MN

Roofing Contractor MNGetting your roof inspected correctly and repaired can be a headache if you don’t know the proper signs. Luckily for you, Tollefson Bros of Maple Grove, MN can inspect your roof to ensure the best route to take when and if your roof needs repairs.

Even though you may not see a leak it doesn’t mean you still don’t need to make some repairs to prevent leaking in the future.
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Siding Replacement Minnetonka MN

Importance Of Appearance Of Your Home’s Siding

Vinyl SidingWhen it comes to the appearance of your Minnetonka, MN home, nothing can make or break the look quite like siding. Your home’s siding adds curb appeal as well as energy efficiency. It is the first thing people see when driving past your home. Siding sets the tone for the overall look of your home and makes a statement about who lives inside.

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Home expenses

Home Improvements | Energy Efficiency It’s almost tax time again. Ugh! The good news is, Uncle Sam is still handing out tax credits for certain energy-efficient home improvements. Nice! Energy Efficient Products Fortunately, there are a lot of products that you can replace and add in your green home improvements to achieve better energy efficiency […]

Roofing Contractor Bloomington MN

roofing bloomington mn

You’ve got the kitchen of your dreams and a master bedroom suite that would look right at home in a 5-star hotel. But what about your home’s exterior? After all, it’s the exterior of your home that takes the brunt of any season’s worst punches. And it is the exterior of your home that protects […]

Exterior Remodeling Eden Prairie MN Part 2

Why Americans Hire Professionals to Get the Job Done After some pretty turbulent economic times, home improvement expenditures continue to grow. Homeowners are undertaking projects of all types—and looking to remodelers to do the work.  The following infographic explores Americans’ attitudes about DIY projects and uncovers why many people prefer “Do It For Me” over […]

Exterior Remodeling Eden Prairie MN Part 1

Sometimes youre just better off hiring a contractor!

Eden Prairie MN Home Improvement and Remodeling The last few years have not been kind to the remodeling industry. With falling home prices across the country, homeowners weren’t spending significant money on remodeling projects. But moving forward in 2013, remodeling contractors say business is picking up and homeowners are starting to remodel their homes again.

Exterior Remodeling MN | Exterior Siding

Exterior Remodeling Savage MN

Minnesota Exterior Siding For the first time in six years the remodeling industry appears to be pulling out of its slump. While homeowner improvement spending was already climbing at a double-digit pace in the second half of 2012, it continues to gains ground through 2013. Homeowners are deciding where to spend their home improvement dollars. […]

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