Roof Repair Specialist Shakopee MN

Roof Repair Specialist MNLooking for a professional to answer quickly and take a look at your roof? Call Tollefson at 952-881-2218 for our Roofing Contractors to quickly respond to your Shakopee roofing service needs! We have been local roofing contractors in the area for over 25 years! With winter rolling in, home and business owners alike need to be sure their current roofing system can handle the heavy load of snow that accumulates and that it keeps every last drop of moisture out.

Get your Roof Ready for a Minnesota Winter

  • Inspection – The Professionals at Tollefson always offer a free inspection when you have concerns about the condition of your home. Before we suggest a price for any repairs we need to see them and assess them first hand, at no cost to you. We do offer more comprehensive inspections if you want to ensure your entire home is weather tight before the big freeze. We do charge for those but the cost is way more affordable than the possible results of hidden issues.
  • Repairs – We’ve seen a bucket catching dripping water a time or two in our day. And though each building is different we have repaired them all beautifully. Catching a small leak will not only save on damages down the road but it will save on the amount of financial responsibility too.
  • Adding Shingles – If you have one layer of shingles and it is time to decide what to do about your roof our professional suggest adding one more layer. This will save you a lot of cost and it will restore your roof for many more years. Now is a good time to access your roof’s condition and opt to add shingles before the snow falls.
  • Ensure Gutters are Draining – Rain turns into snow, which then freezes to ice and it all melts back to water again. The drainage system on your roof needs to work properly or the liquid water molecules will freeze and expand while resting in your gutters, resulting in cracks, leaks, added weight and other further damages. We can prevent all this noise by ensuring your gutters are good to go.
  • Add Attic Insulation – Ever heard of an ice dam? That dam ice is a result of heat rising in your home, through the insulation and melting the snow and creating pools which then become ice deformations that take over your roof, shingles, eaves and gutters if you don’t act quick.



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