MN Roofing Contractor | Spring Roof Inspection Part 1

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As we roll into the warmer months, getting ready for summer is quickly becoming a priority for many Minnesota homeowners. Whether it’s replacing your windows, updating your siding, or making sure that our rain gutters are free of debris, now is the time to get a handle on those exterior home improvements before winter comes knocking again. After all, once the snow hits… who really wants to deal with stuff like keeping the rain gutters clear when there’s so many other fun things to do outside? If feels like our summers only last about 5 minutes as it is. Even if that statement isn’t true, most would agree, this year April never showed up and May was suspect as well, but it finally looks like we may finally get to enjoy a bit of spring weather!

Is Your Roof For Spring Weather?

One thing you may want to make sure to do is get a spring roof inspection! We can get some pretty nasty weather at this time of year; Minnesota is known to get some real doozy spring storms.  Make sure your roof is up to the challenge of thunderstorms, blustery winds, hail, tornadoes, and more.

Is your roof prepared to weather the storms that come with spring rains?

Your roof is designed to withstand rainfall, but the blistering winter storms that come with Minnesota’s climate and the subsequent melting snow can wreak havoc on any roof system.

The freezing and thawing a roof sustains each winter season wears down roofing materials and can create problem areas that develop into more costly repairs. During the spring melt, roofs go through a lot — one foot of snow on a 1,000-square-foot roof can create up to 2,500 gallons of water. Is your roof prepared to weather the storms that come with spring rains?

If you have noticed a few shingles or flashing out of place, or are you concerned about other damage to your roof, a Minnesota roofing contractor can spot this during by doing a thorough roof inspection.