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Are you ready for another Minnesota winter? After a summer that felt like it lasted about 5 minutes, homeowners are getting their homes ready to do battle with the elements. And in Minnesota, the elements can be brutal. We all know it’s only a matter of time before the snow flies. So, get ready for snow…Lots and lots of snow!

Now is a good time to take a few fall maintenance tasks off your plate. And while winter may seem a long way off for a few of these projects, they’ll likely save you money and headaches if you tackle them early.

Whether it’s replacing your windows, updating your siding, repairing your roof, or making sure that our rain gutters are free of debris, now is the time to get a handle on those exterior home improvements before winter comes knocking again. After all, once the snow hits… who really wants to be climbing up on a slippery roof to check your roof and gutters?

Then to save both time and money, have your attic inspected by the same reputable company to make sure you have adequate insulation and ventilation to prevent damaging ice dams this winter!