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Storm Damage Roof Repair MN

The exterior of your home protects you, your family, and everything in it from the elements. And in Minnesota the elements can be brutal!  Consider for a moment that in Minnesota the temperature alone can vary as much as 130 degrees during any 6 month period. Add to that the power of ice storms, lightning storms, rain storms, wind storms and hail storms, and you start to realize the beating your home exterior takes in protecting you.

Whenever high winds, severe lightning, hail or ice storms visit your area, do not assume your home has escaped unscathed just because the roof and walls are still intact.  At times like these you need to call a roofing expert and schedule an appointment for a free home exterior inspection. A professional Minnesota roofing contractor will know where to look, and what to look for in determining if your home actually did “weather the storm.”  Their trained eye can easily identify places where your home might have been subtly damaged or even weakened by severe weather.

Just because your home is still standing following a severe storm does not mean that it was not damaged. Hail, wind, rain and lightning are horribly destructive forces. Months later you may find a roof leak caused by a storm that has long been forgotten. Or you might notice a loose piece of exterior siding that was originally loosened by wind or hail a year ago and is just now starting to be recognized. Insurance covering storm damage has time limits, which means you could end up paying for the storm damage repair out of your own pocket.

Storm Damage Repair Assessment

When assessing damage after a severe storm, you’ll want to look for signs of damage to the exterior of your home such as on your roof, siding, and windows. It is common for tree branches and flying debris to do serious damage. Missing shingles are common, along with split seams. Also check for bent, missing or damaged rain gutters. Look for broken, chipped or cracked windows and damage on the exterior of your home.

If you suspect your roof has been subjected to high winds or hail, you need to have it examined by a qualified and experienced roofer immediately. You can have severe damage to the tiles or shingles on your house even if no tiles or shingles are actually blown off the house. Many roofs look absolutely fine from the ground even though they have been totally compromised by storm damage. Remember, 95% of all storm damage (hail and/or wind) to roofs cannot be seen from ground level.

Plus, under Minnesota law, you have up to two years to submit an insurance claim for hail or wind damage. Roof leaks may take years to show up, so it’s important to have your roof inspected by an expert MN storm damage contractor as soon after the storm as possible.  And your roof may not be the only part of your home that has been compromised.  A reliable roofing contractor can also inspect your siding, windows, gutters, and fascia for damage.

Don’t wait until it’s too late!

If you have storm, hail or wind damage and do not have an inspection done in a timely manner, you could end up having to replace your roof at your expense.  This expense could wind up costing you thousands of dollars, quite often with no assistance from your insurance company.

If there is storm damage, no matter how minor, the only way to be absolutely sure is to to have a full storm damage inspection performed by a reputable Minnesota roofing contractor who has experience working with insurance claims. They have done this hundreds of times before and can relieve you of the red tape and insurance headaches by filing the appropriate claims and working with your insurance company to guarantee that your home is properly repaired.

Storm Damage and Your Roof

Even if your home or building’s roof shows no apparent damage after a severe storm, contact your insurance company right away and call your roofing contractor to inspect your roof for damage.  Some tests may need to be performed to determine the extent of the damage, but the expense is well worth it because you may face much more extensive damage if you do nothing.  Plus it always helps to have as much evidence as possible when dealing with an insurance adjustor.