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Continued from Part 1

Your home’s roof is under constant attack and has a lot of obstacles to overcome to do its job. Even on sunny days when you think your roof is safe, it is being affected by sunshine and wind. And if that isn’t bad enough, then along comes the next wave of destruction…. Old Man winter. And Minnesota, the coldest major metropolitan area in the continental United States, is known for its brutal winters with snowfalls and freezing rains. Especially this year. The 2014 Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a very C-O-L-D and snowy winter for much of the USA. Brrrr!

Energy Efficient Roofing

2013-2014 Winter Outlook

Those weather events combined all take a toll on our roofs. But, with an energy-efficient roofing system, you’ll be prepared for all Mother Nature has to offer.

If you want to keep your home’s roof in tip top condition so you can get the full life out of it, you need to perform regular maintenance. So, to make certain your roof is intact and protecting your home, it should have a roof inspected before the winter season by a professional Minnesota roofing contractor.