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Even though it was a long time a comin, spring has arrived. That also means rain, wind, and severe weather from spring storms. It also means tornado season is here!  June and July are the peak months for tornado activity in Minnesota, with these two months accounting for 60% of the total tornadoes in the state.  In the last few weeks, here in Minnesota we have had our share of rain, making it the perfect time to inspect the exterior of your home.

When it starts raining, an incredible amount of water beats down on the roof of your house. Each year, over 43,000,000 cubic inches of rain flow off of the average 30-square roof. That’s over 120,000 gallons; more than enough water to fill 16 Olympic size swimming pools! That is a LOT of water and weight. With water weighing over 8 pounds a gallon, it doesn’t take much more than one decent rainfall to cause some serious damage to your home, especially after a heavy rainfall.

It’s Storm Season In Minnesota

2013 Storm Outlook

Experts are predicting an active severe storm season during spring of 2013, warning that people should not let their guard down. Spring in the meteorological world is defined as March 1 to May 31 but the calendar goes by March 21 to June 21… either way you slice it, we’ll be seeing some severe weather action in all three months. It appears the severe weather season may be slightly above average as far as total severe storms and tornadoes.

In Minnesota, those are very real conditions that have been the downfall of many roofing systems.  Is your home ready to withstand powerful gusts of wind and pounding hail?

Roofing, Siding & Gutters

Show ’em some love, because your roof, siding, & gutters are the workhorses that keep you, your home, and everything in it safe and dry. Save yourself an unbelievable amount of trouble (and money) when problems actually threaten your home. Remember, the main purpose of your roofing system is to protect your home from the elements.  If your roof is damaged or leaking, this obviously is not happening.

Start By Inspecting Your Roofing

Don’t wait for a storm to come to protect your home and family from severe weather. It is important to inspect your home after significant storms pass through. Small things like a missing piece of flashing, or a couple missing shingles can cause leaks and damage that may go unnoticed until there is significant damage done.  After all, the last thing anyone wants to deal with is a leaky roof. A leaking roof can also lead to serious damage to the inside of your home.  A roof inspection might uncover a leak you never knew existed.

A Professional Storm Damage Repair Assessment!

Storm Damage - Don't Get Ripped-Off By Your Insurance Company

Got Storm Damage?

While some home exterior damage is easily visible, some may be hard to spot by an untrained eye because 95% of all storm damage (hail and/or wind) to roofs cannot be seen from ground level. To make certain your roof is intact and protecting your home, it should be inspected promptly after a storm by a professional Minnesota roofing contractor to identify any storm, wind, or hail damage.

Don’t try to go it alone. Reading an insurance policy in its entirety, let alone understanding it, is dauntingly difficult for most policyholders. The obscure and confusing language can make your head spin as you to decipher what is meant.

As a Minnesota based storm damage insurance specialists, we are trained to be your advocate and document everything! We have successfully completed hundreds of hail storm damage and wind storm damage insurance restoration projects. Typical repairs include storm roof damage repairs, storm siding damage repairs, and storm damage gutter repairs.

When we meet with your insurance claims adjuster, we show them what damage we found. If the adjuster agrees, we then discuss how much they will pay to repair the damage as it is written in your insurance policy.