Minnesota Replacement Windows Eden Prairie MN

Replacement Windows Eden Prairie MN

Spring is here (IF YOU CAN CALL THIS SPRING!), and soon we’ll be looking at winter in the rear view mirror.

Here in Minnesota, usually around March, we look forward to the end of a long winter and start preparing for spring to arrive. But, this has been one crazy winter and hopefully it’s almost behind us.

With the real estate market bouncing back, you may want to think about getting your home ready for the spring buying season. It’s important to choose projects that will provide the biggest return on investment.

Even if you’re planning on staying in your home the next few years, it’s still helpful to know what people are looking for because you’re likely going to make changes and home improvements over the years. Knowing what potential buyers are interested in can help you invest your money wisely, so you have a better chance of selling when you’re actually ready. So what, exactly, are buyers looking for this spring?

Richlin Windows

Homeowners that want to get the biggest bang for their home-improvement buck this spring, should think about replacing their old leaky windows with high efficiency vinyl replacement windows.

Tollefson Bros Exteriors offers Energy Star rated Richlin Vinyl Replacement Windows. Designed and made right here in Minnesota; they are the perfect window for Minnesota’s harsh cold windy winters and hot humid summers.

Adding Energy-Efficient Windows

These days, buyers shop for homes with energy efficiency in mind. Old, drafty single-pane windows are a major turn off. Energy Star claims that adding Energy Star-rated windows can save you up to $500 a year in heating and cooling costs by making your home more energy efficient.

Make a Smart Investment

Many homeowners put off replacing their old, leaky windows because it is a big investment. However, research shows that new energy efficient windows are one of the best home improvements you can make! If a large ROI, (return on investment) is important to you, plan on recouping 80-90% of your investment!  Not too bad hey!

Tax Credits Available Again for ENERGY STAR® Qualified Windows and Doors

On January 1, 2013, the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 was approved, providing federal tax credits for homeowners who made energy efficient upgrades to their homes in 2012 or plan to make such changes in 2013. Tollefson Bros Exteriors is dedicated to providing consumers with details of the tax credits they may be eligible for when installing ENERGY STAR® qualified windows or doors in their homes. You might also qualify for additional credits from your state, or even your utility company.

Learn more about available offers and rebates in your area by visiting the Energy Star Rebate Finder. They have a searchable database that gives you specific information for your state. Just make sure you check “windows” so you get product-specific information.

Energy Star estimates that the average cost of window replacement in an average-sized home costs $7,500-$10,000, or more. If the new windows save you several hundred dollars a year, and you recoup a tax credit, you can eventually recoup your investment.  So, stop throwing your money out the window. Make the smartest home investment you can make. One with an ROI, of 80-90%! 8-)