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If your siding has seen better days, upgrading it just might be one of the best investments you can make for your home.  Since siding functions as a shield for the materials it covers, the better siding you have, the longer those materials are likely to last.

Today’s homeowners know consuming less energy can reduce their energy costs. And while they may be familiar with ENERGY STAR qualified appliances or energy efficient replacement windows, they may be surprised to learn that both vinyl and fiber cement siding can also improve a home’s energy performance.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding has been around for over 50 years and was introduced as a replacement for aluminum siding. Early vinyl wasn’t without its faults; it cracked, warped and faded. But now with huge gains in vinyl material compounds, along with sophisticated vinyl siding installation techniques, vinyl has emerged as true super star material!

Vinyl siding has come a long way since the days of many seams and limited textures, styles and colors. Fortunately, vinyl siding now comes in styles that look as authentic as real wood.  Available in a wide range of colors and designed to mimic everything from real wood to cedar shake, vinyl siding can easily mesh with any new or existing home exterior.

Vinyl Siding is a great investment. Re-siding a home is among the top ten remodeling projects in terms of overall payback. In the current real estate market, upscale siding projects using fiber-cement return the highest value at resale. You can often recoup 100% or more of your investment from a siding job…if you pick the right MN siding installer.

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding is the next evolution in home exterior care. Fiber cement siding is a highly durable, low maintenance material that comes in a wide variety of options for creating virtually any home style. This versatile offering can resemble wood siding, stucco or masonry, making it easy to match an existing style or siding type.

Whether you’re re-siding your home or siding a new home, fiber cement siding is a great option that will enhance the value and appearance of your home.

Fiber cement siding stands up to the most demanding climates a home will face. It will stand up to temperature swings in cold weather climates and can be installed to withstand hurricane-force winds. It will not crack or rot, even in extremely damp climates. Fiber cement siding is also impervious to termites and other wood-boring insects, and resists the aging effects of UV rays.

Perhaps the ultimate peace of mind comes from the fact that fiber cement siding products are flame resistant.

Whatever siding you choose make sure you chose the right home improvement contractor, as installation of siding is 50 percent of the project.

Exterior Lead Paint Removal

While remodeling can be an exciting process, it can also present unexpected challenges. Many problems can be avoided by planning ahead.

Lead in older homes

Owners of homes built before 1978 who are contemplating any work that will disturb more than six square feet of painted surfaces inside the home or 20 square feet on the exterior of the home – for example, replacing doors, windows and trim, installing cabinets, or adding on to the home.  It may be easier and faster to replace an entire building component rather than remove the paint from it. Find out how to accomplish this safely. The contractor you hire is required by law to be trained and certified by the EPA. Learn more about EPA Lead-Safe Certified Renovators and lead paint.

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