Exterior Remodeling Eden Prairie MN Part 2

Why Americans Hire Professionals to Get the Job Done

After some pretty turbulent economic times, home improvement expenditures continue to grow. Homeowners are undertaking projects of all types—and looking to remodelers to do the work.  The following infographic explores Americans’ attitudes about DIY projects and uncovers why many people prefer “Do It For Me” over DIY.

Continued from Part 1

Two-thirds of Americans (64%) said the uncertainty of determining fair pricing is the most frustrating part of hiring a service professional, while 42% said the toughest part is the time involved in finding the right person. In fact, rather than deal with the frustration of finding a DIFM pro:

  • 24% of homeowners would rather sit in traffic
  • 21% would prefer to wait in line at the DMV, and
  • 20% would rather go to the dentist.


Sometimes you're just better off hiring a contractor!

Remodeling is not an exact science. There are a lot of things that can and do go amuck. You are dishing out a substantial chunk of change to take chances. Some people are extremely handy around the house, but let’s face it, not everyone is handy with a hammer. After attempting a few DIY projects themselves, it seems many people are more than happy to take the do it for me approach and hand the job over to a pro to do the work for them the next time around.

If DIY repair just isn’t your thing… not to worry.  There’s DIFM!

We all want to save money on home improvement projects. And DIY home improvements tempt those with basic skills to try tasks way beyond their comfort zone. When is it necessary or smart to hire a contractor and when is it possible to try DIY? Although it depends on your skill level and budget, certain projects are better suited for a Professional Home Improvement & Remodeling Contractor.

Whether you are looking for a contractor to install siding, new windows, or repair your roof, don’t worry…. For everyone for whom DIY is problematic, now there’s DIFM: do it for me!