Exterior Remodeling Eden Prairie MN Part 1

Eden Prairie MN Home Improvement and Remodeling

The last few years have not been kind to the remodeling industry. With falling home prices across the country, homeowners weren’t spending significant money on remodeling projects. But moving forward in 2013, remodeling contractors say business is picking up and homeowners are starting to remodel their homes again.

As more consumers are starting to feel confident about making improvements in their homes that they may have postponed for several years, they are looking for the right company for the job!  In fact, NARI reports that as the bump in remodeling continues, a consumer survey highlights what Americans would sacrifice to have someone “do it for me” rather than DIY. Some of the responses are sure to surprise you!

Homeowners Ready to Hire

More homeowners than ever are choosing to hire a professional contractor for their remodeling and home improvement projects. But increases in remodeling work may come as no surprise to researchers who conducted Redbeacon’s recent survey on “Do it For Me” vs. “Do it Yourself” work. While 90% of survey respondents said they had attempted do-it-yourself (DIY) projects at home, the report found that “after attempting a few DIY projects themselves, it seems people become more willing to hand the job over to a pro the next time around.” Wasted time and household infighting during the course of a DIY project were two popular reasons to hire a pro.

According to Redbeacon, 71% of Americans said they’d make some surprisingly significant sacrifices to hire home-service professionals:

  • 56% would stay off social media for a year
  • 36% would give up watching their favorite sporting events
  • 35% would stop eating out
  • 23% would hand over their workplace vacation days
  • 20% would even give up hanky panky for a year!

Overlapping with NARI’s report of increasing remodeling activity propelled in large part by projects that had been held over from previous years, the DIFM survey notes that 64% of homeowners have planned DIFM projects for 2013, and half said their more inclined to outsource work around the house than in years past. What respondents are not looking forward to is the actual hiring process.