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Roofing Replacement BloomingtomBeing in the industry of roofing and exterior contracting for over two and a half decades, Tollefson Bros. Exteriors may not be just a name anymore but a part of your family. Not only have our achievements blossomed in the certifications and education we have developed throughout these years, but friendships have as well. We pride ourselves in our craftsmanship and it shows by the continuous call-backs from our loyal clients inquiring about yet another exterior projects they would like our assistance with. Our top of the line GAF roofing materials makes defending against mother nature’s elements a little easier on your humble abode. Whether your business or home needs weather sealing or storm damage repair, we have your needs met with the best products at great prices! Give us a call today to talk to a Bloomington roofing specialist!

Signs Your Roof Needs Replacement

Having your roof inspected is always a great idea, especially when the inspection is performed by a professional. If you would like to know for yourself, before an insurance adjuster comes out or after a storm, our roofing experts will inspect your entire roofing system to assess the cost of repairing damages, that way you will know if it is even worth filing a claim.

  • Ice Dams- If you were experiencing ice dams in the winter, it is caused by lack of insulation in your ceiling. Unfortunately, when ice forms on the roof the shingles crack and rip, making it easy for water, snow, and ice to intrude indoors.
  • Shingle Tears- A tear in the shingle will greatly increase your chances of further leaks. One tear can cause a snowball effect and build up with ice, causing more tears or cracks, therefore increasing the amount of moisture and outdoor elements that can get in because of the unprotected roof.
  • Leaks- If there is a leak you’ll likely notice discoloration. If they are on the ceilings or high parts of your interior walls, that is one strong indication that you may want a professional to let you know what is going within your attic and roofing system components.

Our licensed and insured roofing contractors near Bloomington can assist you from the estimate, deal with your insurance company, even down the road, if any warranty work needs to be asserted, we will be here. Here at Tollefson Bros Exteriors we put our clients number one. By choosing us for your roof replacement needs it means you now have a friend in the roofing industry for life. Give us a call today and let us help you save tomorrow (952) 881-2218!




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