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Exterior Contractors Burnsville MN

Licensed Exterior Contractors Burnsville MNSpring is a great time to make some improvements to the outside of your home, after the extreme weather of winter has calmed. If you live in Burnsville, MN, Tollefson Bros. Exteriors, Inc. can replace windows, repair or replace exterior siding and/or your roof and complete necessary repairs after a storm. Read Full Post

Exterior Remodelers near Edina MN

Exterior Remodeling Edina MNAs spring shows its face and begins to melt all the frost and ice off of your Edina, MN home, many homeowners start getting that itch. Maybe you notice damage to the exterior or maybe you are just ready for a change, regardless you are ready for an exterior remodel. If you live in Edina, MN and you are ready to upgrade the look and functionality of the exterior of your home, Tollefson Bros. Exteriors is the solution for you! Read Full Post

Diverse Insulation Options Minneapolis MN

Attic Insulation Contractor MNHow did your home hold up against this bitter, cold winter weather near Minneapolis, MN? Those cold temperatures should not have come as a surprise, but those high energy bills might! If you have noticed a pattern where your heating bills are skyrocketing during the winter months, there is a chance that your insulation is poorly functioning. Read Full Post

Spring Home Improvement Projects | Exterior Remodeling Contractors MN

Licensed Exterior Contractors MNAs we gear up for spring here in Minnesota, the experienced exterior remodeling contractors at Tollefson Bros Exteriors, Inc thought it would be a good idea to give you some ideas for a variety of home improvement projects around the house. If you’re interested in any of these home improvement projects don’t hesitate to give us a call to setup a free estimate. Read Full Post

Exterior Remodeling Company Bloomington

Exterior Upgrades BloomingtonHomes are built to last, however there comes a time when your place of residence may need a facelift. If the exterior of your home needs some work, it is important to team up with a reliable contractor that has experience and is also affordable. Additionally, it takes special materials to be able to withstand the volatile Bloomington, MN weather. Read Full Post

Maintenance Free Exterior Siding, MN

Siding Installation MNAs warm weather and springtime arrives, you may notice that the exterior of your home needs some attention. Your exterior siding is one element of your home that can start looking worn or damaged as the years pass. Your siding protects your home and as a result takes a real beating, especially given the intensity of the Minnesota winters. Read Full Post

Roof Replacement Contractor Bloomington MN

roofing contractor bloomington mnAs the ice and snow begins to wind down and the spring sunshine begins to peak its beautiful head out of the clouds, Bloomington, Minnesota is going to start to look and feel like spring! While spring brings many wonderful and beautiful things, it can also show a lot of wear and tear on your household. Read Full Post

Energy Efficient Windows Bloomington MN

Window Replacement Bloomington MNNo matter what season of the year we are in, having efficient windows makes a huge difference on your monthly energy bills. The last thing that you want to happen during the brisk Bloomington, MN winter is for the heat in your home to sneak out through your poorly functioning windows. During the hot summer, that air conditioning unit has to work a lot harder to cool your home if your outdated windows are not performing up to par. Read Full Post