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Attic Insulation Eden Prairie MN

Attic Insulation Contractor Eden Prairie MNHave you gotten that nice little spike in your energy bill yet this month? Now is about the time the phone starts ringing and people start panicking about how much their utility bills are costing in Eden Prairie, MN. Before you go and flip out on your kids for turning the thermostat up during the middle of the night, was it really their fault? They still think money grows on trees…so how can you expect them to understand that air isn’t free? Read Full Post

Roofing Repairs Bloomington MN

Roofing Contractor Bloomington MNThe heavy snow and ice accumulation that builds up during the Bloomington, MN winter can really wear down a roof that may be old or damaged. Wet, compact snow and ice can add thousands of pounds to your roof. If your roof hasn’t been inspected in a while, there is no better time than now to get your roof evaluated so that any roofing repairs… Read Full Post

Winter Maintenance and Upgrades for Your Minnesota Home

Increase Energy Efficiency for WinterAnnually, Minnesota is known for having one of the toughest winters in the country. Heavy snowfall, brisk temperatures, freezing rain and even sleet are common weather conditions that occur throughout this season. It is common sense that keeping your body bundled up this time of year is very important… Read Full Post

Bloomington Insulation Contractor

Blown In Home Insulation MNOkay, who’s done with their Christmas shopping already? With only a few days to go, the countdown is on! As you think about all the gifts you are giving to others, don’t forget to give a gift to the one thing that protects you the most: your home! Frankly, your home is tired of being cold and working hard to keep you warm each winter. It wants some extra fluff to help protect you, not just this winter, but every season of the year for many years to come. Read Full Post

Window Replacement Contractor Edina

Edina Window ReplacementMinnesota barrels through many drastic changes of climate. Minnesota residents endure face melting heat to bone chilling winter times within the matter of months. The Licensed and Insured Window Replacement Contractors near Edina, MN want you, the proud home owner to not encounter the same extensive temperature fluxuations as you would face outside of your home… Read Full Post

Minnesota Window Replacement Contractor

Cold weather is fast approaching and you know what comes with cold temperatures?? High heat bills! Before winter sets in deep, you may be thinking about ways to make your home more energy efficient to keep that precious heat inside your home and keep the cold air out. Replacing your windows may be one of the very best ways to increase your home’s overall efficiency. Read Full Post

Healthy Indoor Air Quality throughout the Winter

Indoor Air Quality MNWinter is here and it is time to batten down the hatches and keep everyone safe, comfortable, healthy and warm until the harsh Minnesota winter lets up. We all minimize our time outside in this frigid weather and opt for indoor activities. However, one thing that you want to keep in mind is healthy air quality during this time. Read Full Post

Prevent Home Heat Loss in Minnesota

Attic Insulation Contractor BloomingtonThere are some parts of the country that are colder than others during the winter. Minnesota is one of those areas. Not only does Minnesota experience lots of snow and ice accumulation, but the actual temperature can become extremely low. It is important that your home stays warm during this time of the year so that you have a safe haven from the brutal winter weather. Read Full Post

Window Contractor Bloomington MN

Window Replacement MNThe Bloomington MN area just had their first snowfall of the season and temperatures remain quite chilly. There’s no need to waste your money on heat that escapes through drafty windows. Properly Insulated Windows can really save you a lot of money during Minnesota’s cold months. You could be losing up to 25% of your household energy loss because of poor window insulation. Tollefson Bros Exteriors, Inc. Read Full Post